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Thursday, December 31, 2009

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bubbye 2009

bubbye 2009...

no more biology f5,
no more chemistry f5,
no more physics f5,
no more mrsm,
no more spm,
no more merbokianz,
no more bought tickets from kl-sg.petani/sg.petani-kl
no more stay back for holiday camp
no more spot question
no more extra class
no more sleeping in class during bi tyme
no more 'teachers'
no more 5A
no more 'PESAWAT AB08'
no more visitors into our room
no more graduation 2009,
no more annual dinner 2009,
no more LDP,
no more rules in our college,
no more MTA,
no more no more hiking 'GUNUNG JERAI'
no more hysteria
no more sharing bed...
no more sharing sweater
no more DS
no more CAFE'
no more KO-OP

bt now,

i am goin to 18
i am going to plkn
i am goin to take my liscence,
i am going to download all my fav songs,
i am going to study smart,
i am going to university (insyaAllah)
i am going to be a succesfull dentist
i am going to fight 4 sumthing tat i didn't get before...
i am going to chat while waiting 4 my spm's result
i am going to miss my friends,
i am going to miss my teachers,
i am going to live on my own,
i am going to have my own money,
i am going to survive as a normal teens!
i am going to face through all the obstacles by my ownself!
i am going to breathe deeply, without any STOP
i am going to have my social life back!

-thanks MRSM, i have so much experience that taught me to be a tough man. it's not easy to be at the top, we must fight, fight, fight till da last death! MRSM taught me everything... to be someone that never learn the word 'give up'!-

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