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Monday, August 30, 2010

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alhamdulillah.. akhirnye , aq dh berjaya tempuh test2 yg sgt menghantui aq seminggu kblakangan ni... which is chem and phy. but more to physics... it's not that i don't like physics at all, but.. physics sometimes, driving me crazy, on how to solve those complicated formula. but still, i have to study in physics seriously. why am i here? all because of physics.. i don't like physics at all, at first.. but i know, this is the path given, so i have to go with the flow, although it doesn't make sense to know that we are learning something that we don't really like it.. i mean .. at all. how to study physics actually? is it based on learning process in class, or by doing a lot, A LOT of exercises? or by remembering those complicated formula that will suit the appropriate question? sigh. i tried those way.. but this 'stupidness' never comes to an end.. huhu but, i will never put a stop on my journey on how to make physics as fun as BEL120, and chemistry for sure. NEXT!!!!

today, my very best friend, shalida.. we call her DA-DA. she is having her night-day with me.. lol, means, she staying at my room.. nah, we everything are zero changed! we are totally, exactly the same of us .. nothing will change or transform us into another person. wana, da-da n feera.. we're always be together.. there's no one can ever separate us from being together. miss our moment together, when we were in secondary school. MJSC have tuaght a lot of lesson to us.. lesson of the season. huhuhu.. whatever it is.. i do really love you guys so much!! friends forever..

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