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Sunday, August 22, 2010

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He is the one who comforted me...
He is the one who love to convinced me..
He is the one who gave me all kind of hope..
He is the one who taught me everything about love..
He is the one who sacrificed everything just to make me happy..
He is the one and the only one love me....

but now,

We are no longer to be together..
We are no longer to be a good friend..
We are totally separated..
We are totally no longer to be as ONE..
We are definitely cannot be together any longer...
We are supposedly to be friends ...

all this happened just because of..

My ego,
My unconsciousness,
My weirdness,
My zero attempts towards each others' feeling,
My stupid well-behaved,

looks like....

we are not meant to be together.... it's hurt, but life must go on...

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