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Sunday, October 10, 2010

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it was bored, it was fun, it was lame...

salam. lme gak x update blog..
study. a lot of test! duh~~ tension x yah ckp la.. memg tahap gunung lipat muda dh. ble2 masa boleh meletus. i'm getting lazy every second of my day. ouh gosh! that's horrible! i hate it.. everyday is all about facebooking n ym. x pon, aq dok google menda2 x penting. exam is just around the corner.. especially for physics! auch! physics, y can't u just grown up and try to solve ur own problems? i had it enough! huhuhu. tp, nk buat cm ne, physics smpi ble2 pon x kan membesar... mcm tu je la rupa die smpi ble2 pon.

ignorance is a bliss. aq try untuk mendalami kata2 tu.. so, aq try untuk ignore sume org dlm kelas aq. tp experiment aq membuahkan hasil apabila kwn aq tny 'eh, ko sakit ke?' ade die kate aq sakit? padahal aq tgh nk buat anjakan paradigma! itu sudah cukup membuktikan, aq tidak boleh berubah menjadi org laen. this is me, n the only me.. no one could change that!

love. aq agak terkilan apabila sedang aq menelaah facebook ex aq, tbe2 aq npk, he's now are trying to flirt with account student-girl. punah hancor sume harapan aq. sedih sgt2. maybe, God has a bigger plan for me than i had for myself. so, i better let him go peacefully.. aren't i? now i can feel the emptiness.

life. hectic is all that i can say. aq knl sorunk ni dr fb. aq tgk gmbr die agak pelik. so, aq rse cm nk add. then aq add. he have a good attitude. though, he always say that 'ko x knl aq' . yes, aq memg x knl ko. son what? hidup aq plak skg ni smakin huru hara dgn masa yng sgt cemburu pd jasad dan roh aq... aq perlu submit projek civil by next week! naa.. i have prioritize 'impossible' to lead all of my bad side straight away to the nearest dustbin.

in conclusion, my hectic life has greatfully filled the emptiness of my heart. i love my life. gimme some time to have a personal date with my very ownself. bosan la asek romantik dgn org. kali ni, biar aq beromantik dgn diri aq sendiri... hahahha.