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Saturday, October 30, 2010

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please be matured, babe!

this is so... terrifying ! when u've promised someone, u should fulfill the promise. stop coaxing other to be such an immatured person just like YOU.

kind of tiring us, when u asked something possible n u end up with ridiculous, impossible excuses. duh~

u were the one who eager to start it. so, please finish it. duh~~ u never want to finish it babe...i knew it.

i will never cooperate with a person like YOU after this so sorry, lorry strawberry la....huhu.. but i have to. please stop pretending. stop being 'lengke' here. if there's a point, u may say so. if there aren't. please don't create any kind of stupid point, that never exist!

don't underestimate me, because u will never know me well. stop exaggerating that u'r the lips of the angel, in fact u ARE NOT. thank n no thanks.
hye n say bye.