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Sunday, October 17, 2010

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study week

hello, hello, hello.... !
exam. aq nk bercerita psl exam BPC(BADAN PERTOLONGAN CEMAS), yg aq buat td. smlm, aq start studi dgn wana kol 12a.m. huhu. sgt2 la letih (dr pg smpi ke mlm kitorunk pnt siapkan projek untuk civil) yang teramat sgt. namun, aq gagahkan jugak mata aq untuk studi. yes! studi itu penting!hahaha. time tgh study, tbe2 perot aq bebrbunyi.. haih, ini menandakan perot aq minta untuk diisi.. so, after dh hbes bce buku tu, dr kulit buku, ke kulit buku, kitorunk pon, g la amek air panas kt bwah, n buat nestum.. tbe2, terlupa plak nk amek air untuk minum. disebabkan mls nk turun bwh nye psl, aq pon x minum la mlm smlm.. tdo.. before tdo, aq check jap email aq. then, br tdo. =)

study. starting now, i need to focus in my studies... as well for my life. =p but i have prioritized study for everything. study, study n study. that's all i can say. i have to struggle now, so that i wouldn't be regret once i get the result. hope to get the best. i will maximize my study time, n minimize my fb-ym-blogging time. i have downloaded lot of film, so that i can watch it, whenever i feel bored.

english. gosh!! what happened? dur!! i hate him so much!! so annoying..! he shouldn't say that. well, if english is one of my pro-ness, so, he doesn't have any right to make fool of me! hello boy, listen der, everyone has their own ability, so back off! yes, u are REALLY good in physics, but i never talk that sarcastically! yeah, now i'm saying this with full of sarcaticsm! please, don't ever think, u are the older among us, u can do whatever u want! yes, i am perfectly respect u! but that was before. watch ur word bro! u aren't a kid! u are an adult, well, YES YOU ARE! n i am a teen! so, please think before u blurt out any of ur stupid idea! got that uh?

sem1. at last, we came up to the very last day of sem1. i love my day, enjoying the whole day with my very caring classmates. i do love u guys so much! though, we will be separated for the next sem, doesn't mean, that our friendship stop till that line. we will still be friends forever. nothing's gonna change that. i like, i hate...the reality of our life. there is no LIKE at all. there will be HATE sometimes. but how many sometimes it is, i will never forget our precious moment together... =)

status. i am single. n i am not available. i'm sorry but i do like you. i'm sorry, it is so sudden. i'm sorry, that i couldn't tell u this, because i am afraid of being rejected by u. i'm sorry that i couldn't face the truth. but i feel so grateful because i know you. i feel deadly grateful because u are my catalyst-to push me to study well, to be as good as you. u give a new hope to me. thanks!

assignment. i never had this kind of assignment before, n now, i got it! the very precious task that i ever wanted before... to make a video clip..though our presentation is not completely perfect, but i felt so satisfied with my teamwork cooperation. we make a YOU BELONG WITH ME-video clip. n i was acting as the TAYLOR SWIFT. dur~~ we make it within 1 day..only! yes, that was the best part! we have to submit the vc to claim our carry marks for final. hope to get the very good mark for this...

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  1. ah, i was trapped in those terrifying nightmares...