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Monday, November 29, 2010

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ok aku heartbroken.
hahaha. mengong betol. cm ne plak aku leh heartbroken? expalin cket???

" i won't suffer
be broken,
get tired
or wasted,
surrender to nothing,
i'll give up
what i started and stop this,
from end to beginning,
a new day is coming,
and i am FINALLY FREE!
run away,
i'll atack!
run away,
and i'll attack
you've promises,
they look like lies,
your honesty like a back that hides a knife!
i promise YOU! "

hard to handle this kind of feeling. hard to pretend.

what if i wanted to break?
laugh it all of in your face..
what would u do?
what if i fell to the floor?
couldn't take this anymore!
what would you do?!
come break me down!
bury me,
i am finished with you...
what if i wanted to fight?
back to rest of my life!
what would u do?
u say u wanted for
i'm not running from you.
i tried to be someone else!
but nothing seemed to change
i know now!
this is who i really am inside!
falling for myself
falling for a chance,
i know now!
this is who i really am!!

puas hati aku! ok,cukup smpi cni saja.... =)

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