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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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I am who I am

erm, kali ni, aku nk merapek psl diri aku.

aku adalah.....

1) i am very silent whenever i feel so tired.
2) i love to make jokes!
3) i love to smile
4) chicken instead of fish
5) unstable emotion
6) ketchup instead of chili sauce
7) love to sleep
8) easily fall in love
9) hate borrowers.
10) my face expression describes my feeling exactly
11) love to sing in toilet, while washing dishes.
12) can be very out loud speaker.
13) prefer sms rather than call. if there ARE something urgent, yes, you may call me!
14) sometimes i love to make a sarcastic statement! =)
15) i love quotes
16) need my 'bantal pelok' during my bed time
17) love to talk alone
18) internet instead of television.
19) easily feel attracted to someone.
20) i can't draw!

21) prefer black than pink
22) compact powder and lip balm are MUST!
23) a ring and watch as my favorite accessories!
24) i hate dogs! sshhhuuuh!
25) phobia with cat
26) i can't mad at someone longer than 1 day.
27) i hate when someone raise up their superior tone
28) earl grey tea instead of having mint tea.
29) milo ais tabur n nasi goreng fav dish
30) i love to be an actress

31) vampire instead of werewolf
32) i feel so annoying for whom loves to disturbs my bed time
33) i love to tidy up my room when the spirit has come!
34) i hate to make a choice
35) i feel so cranky if someone loves to torture me.
36) i will NEVER sms someone who aren't my important person.
37) novels rather than movie
38) junior instead of seniors.
39) dun ask me about my former school
40) once i HATE, u will NEVER ever have any place in my LIFE.


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