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Monday, November 29, 2010

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PS, I love you.

edward cullen, ps, i love you!
noh hujan..PS I LOVE YOU!!! (Sob), i love you!, i love you! avoid from having a brokenheart, these are the...

lists from the future....

1) never having a chat with people that we know from fb.(though they're from the same university)
2) never approve someone's friend request, though we'r in the same university.
3) never give out our phone number though they have thousands of excuses
4) never ever sms with someone u've never met.
5) never help someone to cure his pain coz u will fall over him.

if u've already stuck in this situation, these are the lisst for you..

1) start a formal conversation.
2) reduce your "precious" moment to chat with him.
3) reply him with short mesage only. eg ; "tak", "oh", "aku ok"
4) use "k" instead of "ok" to ended ur conversation.
5) stop messaging.

that's all. n u'll enjoy yourself to the fullest!


go and get a life!

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