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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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Goodbye Past #1


this is not a CERPEN, nor a POEM. this' just a "something"
 to show how exactly i felt through these past 2 days. June 13th and 14th.

Good bye Past, 
now, i can really let go of you,
although the truth kicked me pretty hard,
but that's life.
either you like it or not,
either you want it or not,
or maybe
either you want to face it or not, 
you have to keep on moving,
or else, 
you can just go and pass through the walls of death, 
if you want happiness,
don't ever walk together with your past.
you know exactly how it feels,
i guess, the drama will stop till here,
no more lies, no more tears,
look straight towards the street over there,
lights are welcoming you to the very brightest life for your future,
dare to step forward,
leave the best for the great,
you won't feel bad about it.


[reality is sucks]

_thank you baca entry nohfee_

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